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Skin Tag Treatment

Skin tag removal is not necessary unless the skin tags are bothering you. They are not dangerous, but they can be quite irksome and painful if they get snagged on clothing, jewelry, or other things like seatbelts. If twisted far enough, they can even begin to bleed. While skin tags are not dangerous, they are not always comfortable. 

There are several options for removal. One option is tying a string around the skin tag to cut off the blood supply. Usually, this results in the skin tag falling off after several days. Tying off the skin tag can often cause discomfort while you wait for the skin tag to hopefully fall off. If it does not fall off, you may be left with a discolored, uncomfortable piece of skin. This is especially true if the skin tag is located on the eyelid or another sensitive location. 

Doctors give you other options as well. They may cut the skin tag off with a blade or a pair of scissors, which is a painful experience that will cause bleeding. A common method is freezing the skin tag with liquid nitrogen until it falls of, or burning it off with electric cautery. If the skin tag is on the eyelid, doctors will often consult an ophthalmologist to ensure now damage is done to the eye during the removal process. 

naturasil-skintag-valuepak-43384-std.jpgNaturasil for Skin Tags is an all-natural topical formula that gives you an effective, and gentle, option for removing a skin tag. All that is required is application to the skin tag three times a day for three to six weeks and the skin tag will flake away and disappear. After three weeks, you should begin to see results.  

In addition to Naturasil for Skin Tags, Naturasil Immune Renew is an Immune Booster that will give your immune system that extra bump it needs to work in conjunction with the liquid topical formula. Immune Renew will speed up the healing process and help Naturasil for Skin Tags to work even faster. Naturasil Immune Renew contains all natural, organic, and vegetarian ingredients that are proven to help your immune system get your body back to normal. 

Instead of putting your body through the traumatizing experience of skin tag removal through the rigorous options available, order your Naturasil Skin Tag treatment today to get rid of these annoying skin flaws!

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