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Jock Itch Symptoms and Diagnosis

Jock itch is a fungal infection that affects the groin area, inner thigh, and sometimes the buttocks. Similarly to athlete’s foot, jock itch is caused by the same fungus as ringworm. If not treated, jock itch can easily spread to other areas of the body. To make an educated diagnosis, it is important to know all of the signs and symptoms of jock itch. 

Jock itch begins with mild itching caused by the fungus beginning to flourish in the groin area. As the fungal infection continues, the itching intensifies and may become constant and unbearable. In addition to the itchiness, a red rash will begin to form in the affected area. Without treatment, the rash will continue to grow as the fungus spreads.  

dermnet-rf-photo-of-jock-itch-rash.jpgThe rash is typically dry with raised bumps. These bumps may begin to fill with pus and ooze, often further irritated by the itching, and can even incur a bacterial infection in the most severe cases. Usually jock itch is not serious, but is very annoying. The edge of the rash is very distinct and unlike ringworm, the center of the rash is usually a reddish brown color. 

Diagnosis is very easy, and even doctors typically diagnosis it just based on symptoms and appearance. If you think you have jock itch, you should begin treatment right away to stop the fungus from spreading. In addition to beginning a treatment regimen, check your feet for rashes as well. Complete eradication of the fungus from the entire body is necessary to ensure there isn’t a recurrence.

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